Urban Strategies Postgraduate Program

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Final Reviews

30 June 2016

Final Reviews

Guests: Claudia Pasquero, Hannes Stiefel, Lina Streeruwitz, Hannes Traupman, Liam Young

Thursday 30th June / starting 1pm

Location: Essence 16, Alte Post
Dominikanerbastei 11, Vienna

ENERGIZING VIENNA sets its goal to speculate on novel strategies for inner-urban densification, beyond existing urban planning paradigms, based on the hypothesis that Vienna could grow in density without acquiring open areas for development. Taking into account new technologies to incorporate feed-back systems of evaluation in the design process, implementing adaptability for changing environmental conditions, radically alters the role of architecture in regard to the understanding of urban morphologies, incorporating the notion of time in multiple scales.

Scope: The studio looks at the city as a three-dimensional space of investigation, whereby the spatial and technological potential of the architectural expertise is considered as the driving force for alternative urban design strategies to explore the possibilities of undetected spaces for growth.

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Final Reviews

18 December 2015

Final Reviews
Territorial Planning, Arts, Design and Innovation

Jury: Andrea Börner, Arnaldo B. Cecchini,Massimo Faifferi, Alessandro Melis and Reiner ZettlAndrea Börner, Arnaldo B. Cecchini,Massimo Faifferi, Alessandro Melis and Reiner Zettl

Friday December / starting 2pm

Location: Savoia Gallery
via Savoia 14, Cagliari

TPAI / Territorial Planning, Arts, Design and Innovation focuses on the design of a dispersed tourist infrastructure along a north- south axis in the western part of Sardinia, combining artistic sustainable regional development with architectural strategic thinking, embracing aspects of planning and the projection of architectural, artistic innovations.

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Final Reviews

9 November 2015

Final Reviews

Jury: Johannes Mücke, Hernan Diaz Alonso, Reiner Zettl

Tuesday November 10 / starting 5pm

Location: HOHENSTAUFENGASSE 9 / rooftop
1010 Vienna

EXCESSIVE VI / Glass & Gloss The disappearing mass. This studio proposes a new self-camouflaging malware propagation system, to explore the nature of transparency, reflections and glossiness, an architecture that overcomes shortcomings in the current generation of metamorphic formalism and specially to produce non-phenomenological ethereal masses architecture. The anti-mass or blurred mass as a formal code forgoes the concept of a metamorphic body and instead creates mutants by stitching together parts from non-opaque effects that have been classified as benign by local conditions. The studio is interesting in exploring potential architectural expressions of a contemporary neo formal transparency/reflectivity.

Field Trip

22 October 2015

Field Trip Sardinia

With: Alexander Karaivanov and Dennis Schiaroli

Tuseday Oct 28 /  Tuseday Nov 3

TPAI Territorial Planning Art and Innovation / focuses primarily on the aspects of the design of a sustainable tourist route in Sardinia, emphasizing territorial planning, architectural techniques, innovation and art. The objective of the TPAI Master Program is to promote the experience in territorial planning and design, innovation in the arts, cultural management and sustainable tourism as a set of tools for strengthening the regional development policies. Moreover, although the Sardinian regional context is the main field of research, teaching will extend the regional boundaries. For this reason, Sardinia will serve as a specific model, which will be used as a case study for the development of a model that might be extended to other regions / areas / continents.